Grant - Pre-Application

Grant - Pre-Application

Proposal for funding

Organizational Information

The purpose of the grant pre-application is to provide information that allows staff to make a determination as to whether you will be invited to submit a full grant application. Once that decision is made, staff will contact the designated contact person for your organization.

Prior to the application, has your organization applied for and/or received a grant(s) from United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland (UBF) or any other funder? *

Program/Project Information

Check all funding priorities the program/project addresses *



Has this request been authorized by the organization’s governing body? *



Screening Criteria

Grant pre-applications will be screened using the following criteria: Alignment with United Black Fund priorities, Need, Community Impact, Feasibility, Creativity and Innovation, Finances, Collaboration and Overall Impression.


Financial Information

Line item detail for grant expenditure (i.e., staff, supplies). Total should equal sum listed in line above.
sum of line items above
Other Sources of Support


Budget Projection Narrative


Please save the form for your personal records. If you are sending a hard copy, please email to and

Text to Give: Send UBF to 50155