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THE SOUL OF PHILANTHROPY Continued                                                                                                                                                 S S

             Three  of  our  early  supporters  were  India

             Pierce Lee, Senior Vice President, Program, and

             Lillian Kuri, Senior Vice President for Strategy

             at  the  Cleveland  Foundation;  and  Robyn

             Minter Smyers, Thompson Hine LLP. They were

             instrumental  in  securing  funding  for  the                                                                  SUPPORT


             And  so,  in  2018  UBF  took  on  the  awesome

             responsibility  of  acting  as  fiduciary  agent  for

             The  Soul  of  Philanthropy  Cleveland.  “UBF  is  a

             small, but mighty powerhouse and a substantial

             institution, not only in Cleveland, but among the

             Black community on a much broader geographic

             basis,” says Thomas.

             The  exhibit  was  planned  as  a  three-month

             residency  at  the  Cleveland  History  Center  of                                                                       Robyn Minter Smyers

             the Western Reserve Historical Society (WRHS).                                                                                 Thompson Hine LLP

             The  groundwork  for  hosting  the  exhibition                                                          (with daughter, Shannon Smyers)

             at  WRHS  was  a  direct  outcome  of  Cecil’s

             connection  with  Kelly  Falcone-Hall  during  the

             Mission to Israel.
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