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                     Like  Noah  and  his  family,  we  have  been                                     United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland (UBF).

                     separated from the world we knew. Will it be

                     safe to come out after the rain has stopped and                                   I see this spirit at work in all the activities of

                     the waters have begun to recede, or will it take                                  the United Black Fund. It would be arrogant of

                     a bit longer? No one knows for sure. But like                                     me to call it “intelligent design,” although the

                     Noah, we will be stepping into a different world.                                 structures  and  actions  of  UBF  are  based  on

                                                                                                       thoughtful design. The successes of UBF are

                     Except one thing won’t be changed:                                                the outgrowth of the intelligence of our board,

                     The perseverance of the human spirit.                                             our  partners,  our  grantees  and  the  greater


                     In the wisdom of creation—what some prefer to                                                                                      Continued on Page 3                            UBF

                     call  the  intelligent  design–our  creator  planted

                     in us spirit. The spirit sparks with our birth and

                     grows with us, nourished by each other and by

                     the rest of creation.

                     That spirit, with all its iterations–sharing, learn-

                     ing,  teaching,  helping–is  alive  and  thriving  in

        02                REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY

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