Jul 2020

Summit Ujima

SUMMIT UJIMA Thursday July 30, 2020 9:00 am to 12:00 noon Join on ZOOM. United Black Fund (UBF) invites you to a virtual gathering of nonprofit and community-serving, organizations where we will catalyze collective work and responsibility. Join fellow leaders at SUMMIT UJIMA to: • Build connection and understand the ecosystem; • Define collective action pathways; and • Innovate a collaborative idea and secure funding! OPENING PLENARY 9:15 AM The Power Of Collaboration Participants: Darlene Toney Program Officer The Cleveland Foundation Teleange Thomas Director of Partnerships, Mid-West CANDID Alesha Washington Program Director for Vibrant Neighborhoods and Inclusive Economy The George Gund Foundation Cecil Lipscomb, Jr. Executive Director United Black Fund Leah Hudnall Program Officer St. Luke's Foundation Richaun N. Bunton Promise Initiative Manager Sisters of Charity Foundation Moderator: Steven M. Lake VP Development and Community Affairs NEWBRIDGE AGENDA 8:45 AM - ZOOM OPENS connection and conversation (B.Y.O.Coffee or Tea) 9:00 AM - GROUNDING AND CENTERING CEREMONY Dr. Shemariah Arki 9:10 AM - WELCOME UBF Team 9:15 AM - OPENING PLENARY The Power Of Collaboration Darlene Toney The Cleveland Foundation Teleange Thomas CANDID Alesha Washington The George Gund Foundation Leah Hudnall St. Luke's Foundation Cecil Lipscomb, Jr. United Black Fund Richaun N. Bunton Sisters of Charity Foundation Steven M. Lake NEWBRIDGE Moderator 10:05 AM - BREAK 10:10 AM - BUILDING COOPERATION, TRUST, EMPATHY, AND COLLABORATION We begin the process of creating a shared vision and building the framework to see it through. 10:20 AM - DOCUMENTING OUR COLLECTIVE WORK (Breakout Session) Leaders share the work they contribute; groups begin building the collective vision. 11:00 AM - SHARING WHAT WE LEARNED (Everyone Reconvenes) Groups reconvene to share what they learned. 11:10 AM - BREAK 11:15 AM - COLLABORATION IN ACTION (Breakout Session) Groups will rapidly prototype a project that catalyzes collaboration. 11:45 AM - COLLABORATION PROJECTS PRESENTED (Everyone Reconvenes) 12:00 PM - CALL TO ACTION AND CLOSING Summit Pre-Work We are excited that you are joining us for this important gathering. UBF is working hard to support your leadership as you provide services to the Black community and other under-resourced groups. We want this summit to support deep listening and learning as we build many pathways for a collaborative effort and transformative impact. To level-set our shared knowledge, language, and key concepts for the day ahead, please review the following videos, readings, and recordings. See you at SUMMIT UJIMA. WATCH: DESIGNING FOR JUSTICE (12:47) https://www.ted.com/talks/antionette_carroll_designing_for justice COOPERATION VS COLLABORATION (1:24) https://youtu.be/Gr5mAboHl Kk COLLECTIVE COOPERATION IN THE SOCIAL SECTOR (9:51) https://www.ted.com/talks/wendy_woods_collective_cooperation_in_the_social_sector HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN (1:55) https://youtu.be/musmgKEPY2o READ: TIPS TO HELP YOU PROTOTYPE A SERVICE https://www.ideo.com/blog/3-tips-to-help-you-prototype-a-service LISTEN: UBF SUMMIT UJIMA PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNDdSpc1 9X8ZA2uDusH1 2QitbV907nyJ3 411JBF UBF - Building the foundation for a strong community.