Additional Programs

UBF also provides Grantsmanship, Workshops and Informational Forums to the public, free of charge. We continue to forge new alliances with people that share a commitment to informing and educating the community on issues affecting their daily lives.

UBF Grantee Meeting - For those Applying
Thursday, April 18 from 9am-10:30am
Jerry Sue Thorton Center - Ford Room
2500 East 22nd Street
Cleveland, OH 44114

2024 Grant Application Open:


Priority Funding Initiative
$5-10k Grant Award

Funding for programs/projects that provide assistance to those who have some emergency need(s) growing out of a crisis situation.

Programming should be focused on restoring the person/family to an acceptable level of functioning by assisting with food, shelter, clothing, personal items, health needs or transportation.

Funding is not limited to those items listed; they are provided as a guide.


Priority Funding Initiative
$5-10k Grant Award

Funding for programs/projects that assist individuals to return or enter the workforce.

Special emphasis is given to programs that serve those who have little or no connection to the job market, including those who have been previously incarcerated. Job readiness training, record expungement, transportation, and skill-specific training/placement, including soft skill development, are among the services that will be considered for support.


Priority Funding Initiative
$5-10k Grant Award

Funding for programs/projects should emphasize early childhood development programs, middle and high school programs and college preparation/academic mentor programs.

Programs should reflect a strong commitment to education and access for low income and under-served populations. Educational programs should enrich participants’ lives by including activities that lead to a change in knowledge, skill or level of appreciation rather than one-time events such as attending a show or visiting a cultural institution.

Arts education programming should provide participants with the expertise that furthers their training and enhances their education and self-development.


Priority Funding Initiative
$5-10k Grant Award

Social Justice programs should impact disparities in employment, environment/climate, healthcare, food, housing, and re-entry/incarceration created by systemic racism as these issues affect Black and poor communities disproportionately. Proposal should provide solutions.



The Center for Diverse and Thriving Organizations (CDTO) is a training cohort created for BIPOC Executive Directors, Program Managers/Directors, and Consultants that work with non-profit organizations - Leaders of Color - of non-profit organizations to help level the playing field, compete and better sustain the organization. And, to engage in collective work with others on common issues facing non-profits.


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