Center for Diverse and Thriving Organizations

A training cohort created to empower BIPOC Executive Directors, Program Managers/Directors, and Consultants.

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Learn to compete and better sustain your non-profit

The Center for Diverse and Thriving Organizations (CDTO) is currently open to non-profit leaders to engage at the highest level individually and collectively for the greater good of the community.


The United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, Inc. (UBF) is seeking applicants for the second Center for Diverse and Thriving Organizations (CDTO) cohort which will start in late April, 2024 and end July 31, 2024.


If interested, please complete and submit the application by Tuesday, April 16, 2024 until 11:59 PM. No Applications will be accepted after that date.

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The CDTO training is just what you need to level the playing field.

We invite non-profit organizations that share our vision for a more inclusive and empowered community to join us. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or looking to expand your existing initiatives, the Center for Diverse and Thriving Organization (CDTO) offers a platform for growth.

The Center for Diverse and Thriving Organizations is a training cohort created for BIPOC Executive Directors, Program Managers and Consultants - Leaders of Color - of nonprofit organizations to help level the playing field, compete, and better sustain the organization. And, to engage in collective work with others on common issues facing nonprofits.

The cohort is designed to be 8 sessions (virtual and in-person) over a four-month period to include points of: Accounting for Smaller Nonprofits, Leadership Development, Advocacy/Lobbying, Governance, Strategic Planning, Fundraising, and Grant Writing.
Celeste Terry
CDTO Director
United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, Inc.
1621 Euclid Avenue Suite 1200
Cleveland, OH 44115
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