GREATER CLEVELAND AQUARIUM SPOTLIGHTING AFRICAN AMERICAN MARINE SCIENCE & COMMUNITY DIFFERENCEMAKERS $1 of Every January 16 – 27 Guest Ticket to Benefit United Black Fund Cleveland, OH – Greater Cleveland Aquarium and the United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland Inc. (UBF) launched their annual Martin Luther King Jr Day friend- and fund-raising partnership eight years ago. Due to short-term mid-January stingray touch pool filtration improvement project that could briefly impact

UNITED BLACK FUND OF GREATER CLEVELAND, INC. ANNOUNCING THE UBF LETTER OF INQUIRY (LOI) MEETING FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 10:00am-11:15am VIA ZOOM   For nonprofit organizations seeking grant funding, register for the LOI meeting to learn about this first step of the grant application process and deadlines. UBF funding categories are: BASIC NEEDS, EDUCATION, WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT and SOCIAL JUSTICE For questions email: CELESTE TERRY, Grant Manager at cterry@unitedblackfund.org   Register

We have all heard the phrase collaboration is key. Well, more and more in the philanthropy world, collaborations are becoming essential for the sustainability and longevity of an organization. Funders are asking to see collaborations.  So, if you do not think it is advantageous for you to collaborate with another organization that provides the same or similar services, here are five reasons you might want to reconsider. Expand reach, increase

Board members are critical to the survival of a nonprofit organization. A great board will take an organization to extraordinary heights, while a mediocre board can have one stagnant for years. Selecting board members will be one of the most important things nonprofit leaders will do to ensure the organization’s livelihood. So, here’s ten things you should look for when seeking and considering nonprofit board members.     Skill set

United Black Fund Commentary Measuring Covid-19’s Impact on Philanthropic Giving  Just as the Covid-19 has impacted so many other aspects of society, the pandemic seems to be having a significant uneven impact on giving among various charities locally and nationally. Based on reports reviewed for the year since the outbreak was labeled a “worldwide pandemic” in March 2020, the level and type of philanthropy to various nonprofit organizations and causes

JOIN US FOR BUILDING A SOCIAL FOOTPRINT: HOW BRANDS CAN DIGITALLY USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO REACH MULTICULTURAL AUDIENCES Nowadays, brands and organizations are fighting to engage with social audiences without jeopardizing voice and identity. This presentation explores how brands and organizations can reach, engage and convert social media users without losing their core messaging and brand values. Join this conversation with Verizon executives Jamé Jackson and Jessica Cohen. Register Here:

JOIN US FOR FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY IN TIMES OF CRISIS In this session, Financial Accountability in Times of Crisis, Verizon Internal Audit Director, Peter Urquhart will share thoughtful and practical information about financial accountability. Leading a conversation with participants on three key themes: communication and stakeholder management; assessing financial stability; and digital retrofitting and security. What can nonprofits do to ensure they financially weather times of crisis while also thinking to

United Black Fund Commentary It should not be a surprise to anyone who is paying attention that the Covid-19 Pandemic is exacerbating inequities that have traditionally plagued ethnic minority and lower-income citizens in the United States. Probably one of the most long-lasting damages begin caused by the Pandemic will be this society’s efforts to close the educational achievement gap. Indeed, the future wealth and income of large numbers of ethnic