FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – New $50,000 Grant Initiative

Cleveland, Ohio – The United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland (UBF), under the guidance of Cecil Lipscomb, President, and CEO, has announced a new grant opportunity for two successful applicants at $25,000 each, totaling $50,000 in grant funding, marking a significant milestone in its 42-year history. This grant is specifically aimed at supporting initiatives that address mental health issues and gun violence prevention/intervention in the community.

The United Black Fund recognizes the negative impact of mental health and gun violence issues and is committed to identifying and partnering with organizations that are making a positive impact. If there are organizations in Cuyahoga County that provide programs, resources, and support to gun violence prevention or improve mental health by reducing the incidence of these issues, we encourage them to apply for our “Community Thrive” grant.

According to Lipscomb, the funding from this grant is the much-needed resource to bring a positive change in Cleveland’s current climate. It is extremely beneficial to our communities and their needs. As the leader of this organization for the past 13 years, I am immensely proud of the work we have done in the City of Cleveland and the communities that are most affected by these issues. I am optimistic about the incomparable impact UBF will continue to have in Northeast Ohio.


Nina Lewis, the Chair of the Grant Committee of UBF’s Board of Directors, shared that in her many years of serving on the board, this is one of the most significant opportunities for UBF to help provide solutions for our community and make an impact on Northeast Ohio, given this is the first time for two grant cycles in a single year. She looks forward to seeing the meaningful changes and tangible outcomes of this grant.

To be considered for this one-time opportunity, interested applicants should visit the UBF website to access the application form and guidelines. The grant application is open, and the grant application deadline is Friday, November 17, 2023, at 11:59 PM. Our Grants and Allocations Committee will review all applications received. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for further discussion and site visits as part of the selection process. The funding for successful applicants is scheduled for December 2023.

Apart from the new funding opportunity, the United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland also has its traditional funding cycle of awards, which opens in the spring of 2024, providing grants of up to $10,000. This funding is focused on basic needs, education, workforce development, and social justice. According to UBF’s Grants Manager, Celeste Terry, there are multiple opportunities for the community to receive support from UBF in order to carry out the work we want to see in the community. We encourage organizations that are not eligible for this new initiative to apply for our traditional funding cycle.

The United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, Inc. is the only Black federated human service organization in Ohio. Since 1981, UBF’s primary purpose has been to strengthen the capacity of organizations and agencies that serve African-American and impoverished communities by increasing their access to funding and resources. They provide grants that enable people who care to do the things that they care about.

Contact for Details:

Cecil Lipscomb
President and CEO, United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland

Celeste Terry
Grants Manager, United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland