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                 PHILANTHROPY                                                                            IS IN CLEVELAND

                 Connie Hill-Johnson had a vision to bring a touring                                         and  Susan  Hall  (not  pictured)  formed  the  executive

                 art  exhibit  to  Cleveland.  Serious  discussion  began                                    committee for TSOP-CLE. Over an 18-month period,

                 after  the  Cleveland  Foundation’s  African  American                                      the  group  engaged  a  diverse  group  of  community

                 Philanthropy  Summit,  when  Connie  reached  out                                           leaders and organizations with the goal of hosting the

                 to  UBF  to  “get  it  done.”  The  “it”  was  the  national                                national TSOP touring exhibit in Cleveland.

                 touring  exhibit  “The  Soul  of  Philanthropy”  (TSOP),
                                                                                                                                                                         Continued on Page 9
                 based on Valaida Fullwood’s book, Giving Back.

                 Connie  discussed  the  event  with  Teleangé  Thomas,

                 Director  of  Partnerships  for  Candid,  a  non-profit

                 that  “connects  people  who  want  to  change  the

                 world  with  the  resources  they  need  to  do  it.”  She

                 was  also  familiar  with  TSOP.    “When  we  look  at

                 philanthropy  overall,  African  Americans  are  overly

                 represented as receivers of other people’s charity and

                 under-represented  as  givers  and  contributors,”  says


                 Working  together,  Kevin  Johnson  and  Connie

                 Hill-Johnson,  Teleange’  Thomas,  Cecil  J.  Lipscomb

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